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Marta Dec

Theophany by Majentta  Dead End King by Neriak
Wytherlorn by wyldraven Entropic Garden by MarcelaBolivar
Two Worlds by Cadavroux Exit by Helga-Helleborus
Journey by Bunny7766  Evolution by Cestica
ghost marble by sparkbearer  Beautiful Dream II by Gwendolyn1
The Little Shepherd by IleenI  Despiadada by vampirekingdom
Coral by FrancescaPoliti  From the captivity of delusions by Bathoriya
Planet God by cheker123  The Final Blow by brlmk
End of the road by GraphPetr  The Lady of Shalott by AlexandraVBach
Guardian 2 by Antoshines  a land without jasmine by LONERRAMI
Together by littlewillow-art
The giant by FeriAnimations

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Check out those awesome articles - a photography vs. photomanipulations discussion and does every digital piece belong in Digital Art? :confused:

Does every digital piece belong in Digital Art?Gallery Descriptions & Miscats Month
At first such a question sounds absurd. If a piece of art was made with digital mediums then it should definitely go to Digital Art, right?
Well, not always! First off, there are a ton of sub-categories within Digital Art to begin with, but that's not all, Digital Art also overlaps with other categories, sometimes the theme, subject or intention of the artwork can determine it could go into another category. so how to know which category is more appropriate for your piece? Now it doesn't sound so simple, doesn't?
Through this article I'll try to explain some of the aspects to consider and hopefully it will help you know which category is more suitable for that masterpiece you're about to submit to DeviantArt.
The main Digital Art Category
So you've finished your digital piece and intend to submit it to DeviantArt, you click on that flashy "Submit" button and then you find yourself with quite a few options to submit your piece to
Photography vs Photomanipulations: A DiscussionGallery Descriptions and Miscats month
:iconmrs-durden: Mrs-Durden
The definition of photomanipulations is as follows on DeviantArt: "Art created from the manipulation of two or more photographic images combined in whole or in part to create something new."
It is an important definition to go back to in my opinion, as far too often, people wrongfully presume that an extensively edited image is a "photomanipulation" when this is in fact not the case.
For something to be a photomanipulation it should at least have two photographic images combined together, and, in my opinion, the interpretation of "combined in whole or in part to create something new" is absolutely key to discerning the difference between a photomanipulation and just an edited photograph. For example, many photographers will take multiple shots and merge them together, but they are not creating something "new" in this process, they are merely combining what they caught of, for example, o
Hi guys! Sorry if I was a bit MIA lately - I just moved back to Gdańsk and started a new job. All caught up and back to normal now! :D 
Some new articles from the "Gallery Descritpions and Miscats Month" over at projecteducate. Manip article coming on Tuesday the 27th!

Animals, Plants, and Nature Photography... Oh My!Gallery Descriptions & Miscats Month
Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN) is the second largest photography gallery here at DeviantArt. Boasting 13 subcategories ranging from the tiniest of insects to the most impressive of weather events, there is a never ending possibility of discovery when browsing APN. But 13 subcategories can also cause some confusion when you're trying to figure out where your nature photograph best fits in. This article will divide up the 13 subcategories into three major groups:
Plants; and
Together we'll explore the different subcategories that fall under each group, their gallery descriptions, and show you some example images of the artwork you should find there. If you're looking for some extra tips about where your work belongs, I encourage you to check out the "
How and Where to Submit Your LiteratureGallery Descriptions and Miscats Month 
There are many ways of submitting your writing on DeviantArt, and in this article we're going to go right back to basics to ensure you can get your work to the best possible place it can be to attract the right audience.
How to Submit Writing to DeviantArt
Before we even get on to where to submit your literature, let's have a look at the various ways you can get your writing into the DeviantArt galleries. There's a number of ways to do this, each one is suitable for a different goal:
1. Writer
First on the list, and the best way to prepare your writing for submission to your gallery, is Writer. Be it a poem, a story, a character sheet, or even a journal, offers the most intuitive and flexible way to input text on DeviantArt. 
Hover the cursor over the big 'SUBMIT' button, and you should see the link to displayed in a drop-down menu. From the right-hand side of the screen, loc
3D like, 3-Dimensional?"Gallery Descriptions and Miscats Month"
3-Dimensional art shows a picture or animation containing an object, or an entire scene of multiple objects, purely created with a specialized 3d software. Said objects are created by a grid of polygons that build a wireframe and construct a shape. On top of that shape we can lay over a multitude of textures that fulfill a series of different tasks. The terminology for these textures/channels can vary from tool to tool. Colour, Bump Map, Specular Map - to name a few. Depending on what kind of rendering technology is used, names for each texture can vary as well. A Specular Map can be compared to a Gloss Map, which is used in Physically Based Rendering (PBR) engines. PBR is finding its way into lots of game engines lately.

The Colour channel defines the texture itself, mostly being a flat photo or painted asset. The Bump Map channel creates detail on top of the flat texture creating s

Exploring Literature and Fan FictionGallery Descriptions and Miscats Month
Hello and welcome, fellow deviants! I'm SingingFlames, former Community Volunteer for the Literature and Fan Fiction Galleries. DA may be well-known for its visual art, but it has an extensive and varied selection of written works as well. Like Alice slipping down the rabbit hole, it's quite easy to get lost in our vast Literature Gallery. I'm here to show you around my favorite stomping grounds (and steer you clear of the Queen of Hearts, should the need arise).
Welcome to Literature!
Many may hear 'literature' and think of Dickens, Machiavelli or Bradbury, classic authors our high school English teachers touted. However, on DA, literature encompasses the vast majority of written deviations submitted (excluding journals, tutorials and templates). Literature has several sub-categories, each with their own (sometimes numerous) sub-categories. There's a home for just about everything here. Let's dive on in!
HINT: Windows users, if
Fan Art in Other CategoriesGallery Descriptions and Miscats Month
Hello and welcome to Gallery Descriptions and Miscats Month :wave:  I've come out of retirement to talk to you today about Fan Art categories that exist outside of the Fan Art gallery.  I'll be explaining a bit about why things belong in the galleries that they do and provide some examples.
Artisan Crafts
A lot of subcategories in this gallery can have fan art content.  The most notable are probably:
Costumery > Costumes > Cosplay and Role Playing
Dolls Plushies and Custom Toys
Folding and Papercrafts
So why isn't there a subcategory for Artisan Crafts in Fan Art?  The straightforward answer that I received from Moonbeam13 over my term as a volunteer is that it would take away a lot of traffic from the AC gallery and cause more confusion than it's worth.  The other reason is that it is a very different skill set than drawing fan art or writing fan fiction; the gallery focuses mainly




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